Sunday, 29 September 2019

QS Bubbles and A Few Other Things

Hello my kindreds, it’s been quite a while since my last post.

So what’s new in my stitching world?  Well I finished my 16th HaED page with 5689 stitches, my 17th HaED page with 5467 stitches and my 18th HaED page finish 2698 stitches, which means that QS Bubbles, stitched 2 over 1 on 20 count Lugana is done.

I just love this unhappy little fish.  He’s going to adorn my bathroom.

I also entered Generations into my local fair and guess what happened?

I also made a little bib for a new coworker who has gone off on maternity.  

I wish I’d had longer to make her something a little more fancy, but she did love it. Bibs always make a nice little baby gift.

And last but not least I finished the final stocking in a trio of stockings I made for my friend who so graciously hosted us when we were in England.

I tried to keep the theme the same as the stockings for her siblings, so I used the same snowball edging and polka dot tulle.  I hope they like the stocking. I will be mailing it on Monday.

So now you can see why it’s been so long since my last post, I’ve been stitching like mad. And now I’m finally back to my long neglected Wind Moon.  I plan on stitching her exclusively until the new year, but it might be a while since you see me again because becaus I will post an update on her once I have a row finish, which is 7 pages from now.  But I hope she is worth the wait.

Until then, happy stitching everyone.


  1. Wow! Lovely finish. I agree I love his unhappy face. Congrats on your ribbon win. Love the bib. The stocking is just adorable!! Good luck on Wind Moon.

    1. Thanks, I do love this grumpy fish. Wind Moon is coming along well, I’m on page 3 on the row, out of 7. But I’m in a heavy confetti area so I’m not going as fast as I like.