Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Adrift, Pages 5 and 6

Behold! I have finished the first line of pages.  

These are pages 5 and 6.  (Six was a partial page).

It has only taken me 6 months to get this first line done.  Mother of dragons, what the hell have I gotten myself in to?  6 pages .... of 42!   I'm going to be working on this piece for years!

BUT, the next page the mermaid makes her entrance. I'm excited to begin stitching that.

I still have my owl kitted up and ready to start, and I had intended to do a page of it as a break from all of the muted colors, but I'm so excited to start the mermaid that I think I will just soldier on.   I'll maybe take a break at the end of this row of pages.

In any case, enjoy!  I feel like I've accomplished something, even if it is only sky.

~Rai Rai