Thursday, 11 December 2014

A Little Holiday Break

So, I've got another friend who is having a baby, due February, so due to the season, I had lots of patterns to choose from when it came to making their customary stocking.

I started about 3 weeks ago and VOILA!

Mom and dad to-be are keeping a tight secret as to Jr's name, so I will have to add the name at a later time, and send it for sewing.  But I thought I'd share it here.

I choose this pattern, because the dad, who is from England, traveled through the States and Canada in his gap year, which is when we met.  We worked together and became lifelong friends.  So I chose a Canadian-esque theme for his first son.

I hope he likes it.  I'll, of course, post a photo when it's all completed, washed and sewed.

It was a nice little break, but I'm ready to get back to Adrift. 

Happy Holiday to all of my kindreds, whatever it is you choose to celebrate, I hope it's happy and festive.

See you in the new year!

~Rai Rai