Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Meeting on the Turret Stairs, Pages 4 and 5 - ROW FINISH

I know, I know, it's supposed to be a Wind Moon update, but I have a pretty good excuse.  I decided to purchase a Quantum Frame, one that would fit my crazy large Wind Moon. 
For those of you who don't know what a Quantum frame is, behold!  It's the same concept as the Millennium frame, but without the bad customer service and the year long wait.  I had my frame within a month of ordering.  I can personally say I recommend the Omanik factory.  Plus they sent me chocolate in my order. Seriously, who does that? 

Because my frame is so long (90 cm) I also ordered the extra long 14" adapter from Sew and Sew, which I am still waiting for.

When I received my frame, I got so excited to load up my project, so I did immediately.  Er... well, "immediately" might be stretching the truth by a bit.  I attempted  to load my project.  Several FlossTube tutorial video's later, I had it nice and even on my frame, but it was too big for my stand without my adapter.  So I'm waiting for that to arrive before I work on Wind Moon again.  I can tell you I'm itching to work on it. So much so I'm considering taking it out of the frame.  Please, somebody talk me out of doing this! 

But, Wind Moon's loss was Turret Stairs' gain.  I'm done another row and am now officially more than half way done the project. And as I'm off to Toronto on Wednesday, this will be the project I take with me, so there may be another Turret update before you see Wind Moon again. 

I think I also forgot to post a picture of Winter Hat Owl all framed up in his clever red frame. 

Here you go! 

That's about all I have to report at this time. Now I must run and do a marathon laundry/packing/cleaning because I fly out tomorrow at 5:50 am, which means I have to be at the airport at 4:50, which means I have to be up at 3 am.  *Insert not-impressed emoticon here* I think there is going to be some sleeping on the plane instead of stitching.