Thursday, 24 March 2016

Winter Hat Owl is Complete!!

Page 15 and 16 started Feb 23 and finished March 13, and pages 17 and 18 started March 13 and finished March 24.  A total of 14586 stitches.

And here he is!

 He looks a little washed out, for some reason.  But trust me, he is vibrant and lovely!
So I now get to label this under Completed!  

I'm surprised I got through the final 4 pages so fast, with my work schedule. I wasn't expecting this to be finished until mid April at the earliest, so this is a pleasant surprise.  But I have to say, I marathon stitches last, night, completing the last 1800 stitches.  Don't try that at home! 

So, this little guy will be off to the framers soon, what project is waiting to take his place, you ask? 
Well, I try to make a stocking for my friends as they have babies, so the next project is an overdue stocking for a friend, whose girl is now a year old.  Her brother got the Treasure Dragon stocking, so I felt I needed to stitch something complimentary and special. 

So, I found a pattern I really liked and special ordered a stocking version of it from HaED.
Voila!  I give you Snow by Maxine Gadd.

I'll probably start her tonight, and do a page of Snow before going back to poor, neglected Adrift, who, honestly, I needed a bit of a break from before I jump back in for the final push of pages.  I will be stitching her on 18 ct Magic Guide, 2x2. 

And that's pretty much all that I have for news on my end.  

Thank you all who have followed my journey with this little owl.   Once I get him framed, I will post a final photo of him.  

~Rai Rai