Sunday 26 December 2021

Hello Again!

 It’s been a whole year since my last post. I am healthy and well.  AND I had a finish. 

Wind Moon is done.  I’m well into my next project, which is Elizabeth and the Prisoner of Woolhouse, regular size

I seem to have lost interest in blogging, so I can’t say I’ll post much more. Maybe when I have a finish. But I wanted to post Wind Moon, since there were a few of you following her progress. 

But for those of you who followed and commented, thank you!  

Rai Rai 

Sunday 15 November 2020

Well I Wasn’t Supposed To Be Gone This Long

 Hello fellow kindreds.  First off, an apology for taking so long to update my blog, almost a year!  

The curse of 2020 hit me like a Mack truck and in spring I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  So surgeries and then treatment has consumed my life this year.  Ladies, I can’t stress enough the importance of mammograms. Mine was caught on a routine mammogram. It was caught early, which is good, but even in the early stage the cancer was an aggressive type.  So I continue to slog through treatment and hope for the best. I’m currently undergoing chemo and in the new year I will undergo radiation.  I will be on medication for the next 5 years and I hope fervently that this is just a bump in the road and not a carousel ride. 

My stitching was affected, naturally, but I do have a finish to share with you.  

This lovely is called Harp Angel and she is for my grand niece.  I chose her because of her red hair, something she has in common with the little girl who will own her.  This pattern had the worst confetti out of any pattern I’d ever done.  I ended up stitching on the diagonal, something I’d never done before, and parking, but going row by row, which is also something I’d never done (the row by row, not the parking). As a result, the progress was sloooow.  I would try to average 200 stitches a sitting, but even that was hard sometimes. To say I am glad that I am done this project is an understatement.  My hat is off to all of you working on a Josephine Wall pattern.  This one gave me a run for my money. 

I’m back to working on my old friend, Wind Moon. I want to get at least a row done on her before I start a new project, which I haven’t yet decided on. 

This may be my only post for 2020, but I will post an update of Wind Moon when I get to the end of the row.  I’m currently averaging about 1000 stitches a day. 

Well that’s all I’ve got to report at this point.  I hope it won’t be too long before you hear from me again.  

I hope you are all staying well and avoiding Covid.  I feel like our hobby has prepared us for long nights in, watching TV and stitching.  We’ve got this, kindreds!  We’ve got this!

Sunday 29 December 2019

Last Post of 2019

And I have a page finish.  This makes 26 HaED page finishes this year, plus two Christmas stockings.  All in all not a bad year of stitching.

This is page 24;9& Wind Moon, started December 14 and finished December 29 for a total of 7520 stitches.

I’m going to put Wind Moon away for a while now but I promise she won’t be in hiding for a full year before I work on her again. I am hoping to work on her regularly this coming year.

I’m going to take a small break from HaED and work on another. Christmas stocking.  It’s for my sister and she has a great love of owls.

What an end to what has been a crazy, busy year.  We sold a house, we bought a house, we moved, we landscaped, we planted. I’m looking forward to seeing the fruits of our labour in 2020.

Thanks to all who visited my little room on this vast and endless internet.

I will see you all in 2020.

Monday 16 December 2019

Advent Calendar

This is a non stitching post, but I wanted to share the advent calendar that I made for my scotch loving husband.

It helped that we had guests from Scotland this past summer and they were lovely enough to bring me 25 little sample bottles of scotch.
Then I was looking for inspiration as to how to make these into an advent calendar.  So I bought some little tubes and cut them down to size.  Then I made 25 little felt stocking that I bought as a kit from 123stitch.

Assembled them with The help of Kip.

And voila! 

To say it was a success is an understatement.
He’s a pretty happy husband.

Sunday 15 December 2019

Wind Moon Row Finish

Page 22: 7440 stitches: September 26 - October 06. (19th HAED page finish)
Page 23: 7161 stitches: October 06 - October 18. (20th HAED page finish)
Page 24: 7068 stitches: October 18 - November 9 (21st HAED page finish)
Page 25: 7161 stitches: November 10 - November 20. (22nd HaED page finish)
Page 26: 7068 stitches:  November 20 - November 26. (23rd HAED page finish)
Page 27: 7161 stitches: November 27 - December 06. (24th HAED page finish)
Page 28: 5394 stitches: December 06 - December 14 (25 HaED page finish)
End of Row 4

I am now 50% done his project. 

I hope to get one more page done before the end of the year and the page count starts again. But I think 25 page finishes is pretty respectable. 

I’m spending the evening bobbinating 90 bobbins for a new project, which I will announce in the new year.

I hope to see you all one last time before Jan 1.

Sunday 29 September 2019

QS Bubbles and A Few Other Things

Hello my kindreds, it’s been quite a while since my last post.

So what’s new in my stitching world?  Well I finished my 16th HaED page with 5689 stitches, my 17th HaED page with 5467 stitches and my 18th HaED page finish 2698 stitches, which means that QS Bubbles, stitched 2 over 1 on 20 count Lugana is done.

I just love this unhappy little fish.  He’s going to adorn my bathroom.

I also entered Generations into my local fair and guess what happened?

I also made a little bib for a new coworker who has gone off on maternity.  

I wish I’d had longer to make her something a little more fancy, but she did love it. Bibs always make a nice little baby gift.

And last but not least I finished the final stocking in a trio of stockings I made for my friend who so graciously hosted us when we were in England.

I tried to keep the theme the same as the stockings for her siblings, so I used the same snowball edging and polka dot tulle.  I hope they like the stocking. I will be mailing it on Monday.

So now you can see why it’s been so long since my last post, I’ve been stitching like mad. And now I’m finally back to my long neglected Wind Moon.  I plan on stitching her exclusively until the new year, but it might be a while since you see me again because becaus I will post an update on her once I have a row finish, which is 7 pages from now.  But I hope she is worth the wait.

Until then, happy stitching everyone.

Wednesday 12 June 2019

QS Bubble Row Finish


I know, I know, it’s been simply ages since I’ve last posted, but I have sold my house, bought a house and moved, so it’s been busy (read: hellish) for the past several weeks.

So first, QS Bubbles. 
13th HaED Page Finish was March 15 with 7840 stitches
14th HaED Page Finish was on June 5 with 7220 stitches
15th HaED Page Finish was on June 11 with 3620 stitches.

There are two other fish QS that I plan to stitch to hang in my en-suite. They will go perfect in there.

Speaking of en-suite, I can’t tell you how much I am in love with the new house. We sold and bought literally on the same weekend.  This house is so big and so pretty, I’m amazed that it was in our price point. 

I’ll just share a couple of photos with you. 
The kitchen

The door to the en-suite 

The tub in the en-suite ♥️♥️♥️

This amazing pantry which is the size if my first rental.
I can’t believe it’s really mine and I keep pinching myself.  But there is landscaping and curtains and lots to do, which will keep me busy. 

But I still manage to get a couple of hours of stitching in a night,