Wednesday, 12 June 2019

QS Bubble Row Finish


I know, I know, it’s been simply ages since I’ve last posted, but I have sold my house, bought a house and moved, so it’s been busy (read: hellish) for the past several weeks.

So first, QS Bubbles. 
13th HaED Page Finish was March 15 with 7840 stitches
14th HaED Page Finish was on June 5 with 7220 stitches
15th HaED Page Finish was on June 11 with 3620 stitches.

There are two other fish QS that I plan to stitch to hang in my en-suite. They will go perfect in there.

Speaking of en-suite, I can’t tell you how much I am in love with the new house. We sold and bought literally on the same weekend.  This house is so big and so pretty, I’m amazed that it was in our price point. 

I’ll just share a couple of photos with you. 
The kitchen

The door to the en-suite 

The tub in the en-suite ♥️♥️♥️

This amazing pantry which is the size if my first rental.
I can’t believe it’s really mine and I keep pinching myself.  But there is landscaping and curtains and lots to do, which will keep me busy. 

But I still manage to get a couple of hours of stitching in a night, 


  1. Sorry for ending so abruptly, but it literally wouldn’t allow me to post any more.
    This site is a bit dodgy when trying to post from an iPad.

    Buy, yeah, I hope to have updates for you all soon.

    Rai Rai

  2. Nice work on Bubbles.
    The new house is show-room stunning! Bit too much white for me, get some colour and some soft furnishings in there LOL
    I'd also fill those shelves with stitching stash, never mind food!

    1. Thanks! Bubbles is coming along now that my move is done.

      We are planning on keeping the walls white and furnishing it with colour, like couch, area rug, vases, etc. We may have to wait until autumn to do this, but that’s the plan anyway.

  3. Bubbles is getting bigger, it looks great!
    Your new house looks great, I hope you show us it when you've moved in and decorated it!

    1. I will be sure to take some photos and post them. Right now we don’t have any art up because we can’t decide what should go where.

      I may have to buy some new art for the walls. But I will be sure to share with you the progress.

  4. Wow so great to now only see beautiful progress but hear your wonderful news. What a gorgeous new home. Enjoy making it yours.

    1. Thanks, Katie. We fell head over heals love with this house. We’ve been in it for 2 weeks now and I’m still pinching myself.

      I still need to set up my stitching supplies area, but it’s coming!

  5. Wow so many congratulations to you on this post.
    Firstly congratulations on completely a row on Bubbles, and a big congratulations on the purchase of your beautiful new home. It looks so bright and lovely.
    xo Alicia

    1. Thanks, Alicia! I am so in love with my new house it’s unbelievable.
      The critters I regularly see out my back door is amazing. Today I saw a jackrabbit and a family of quails. There was about 30 chicks, no exaggeration.
      Bubbles is nearing another page finish. Now that I am done the move the stitching can commence! And trust me, I’m making up for lost time.