Sunday, 25 November 2012

Mirabilia's and Lavender and Lace.

 It's times like these that I wish I'd taken photo's of all of the projects I've given away.  I'm missing "Summer" in the Celtic Seasons collection, as well I'm missing Noel, which I donated to a silent auction.  I'm also missing Fairy Idyll, Sleeping Beauty, and numerous Angels that I've done and given away.

The Celtic Winter was the first time I'd changed colors in a chart. I used Silver krenik rather than Gold, because I wanted her to have a frosty look.   I also changed the gold beads to blue and silver.  She's a lot prettier in real life. I don't feel this photo did her justice.

I want to learn how to frame properly so I can frame some of these myself and not pay $300 a pop.  Maybe I'll make it a 2013 goal of mine to learn to frame.

I am almost finished a Teresa Wentzler dragon. I was going to start a Heaven and Earth Christmas stocking, but I've decided to do an Afghan first, which shouldn't take me very long.   I've got so many patterns planned that I think I've got the next stitching year all planned out for me.

2013 is going to be busy, crafts wise, that's for sure!

Friday, 23 November 2012

Aaaaand Willoughby

Just look at that haughty, handsome stare!

His "real" name is Thomas, and he is part of the John Clayton "Elegance" Colllection.  These projects are super fast and fun to stitch.
He does use some unusual stitches around the eyes, nose and mouth, but the instructions are pretty easy to follow, and the outcome speaks for itself.

When I look at this, I can't help sigh and utter "Willoughby!  Oh Willoughby, must you be such an utter shit" in a wistful, fake English accent.

But then I remember that Marianne married the dashing Col. Brandon (Alan Rickman - hello!!!) and it softens the blow somewhat.

Now if I could only find a Col. Brandon cross-stitch, my collection would be complete!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The evolution of Mr. Darcy.

Ok, yes, yes, the pattern is "officially" called "Charles", but anybody who has ever seen the Colin Firth version of Pride and Prejudice will recognize this as the one and only MR. DAAAARCY!

Feel free to swoon with me!

~Rai Rai

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

It has been pointed out by Debbie that there is no button to friend or follow me with.

Without one, this whole blogging things seems a tad pointless.  So, does anyone with more experience than me (read: everyone) know how I might set this up?

I'd be everso grateful if you share this apparently supah sekrit handshake with me.

~Rai Rai


act of frustrating;  state of being frustrated: the frustration ofthe president's efforts.
an instance of being frustrated: to experience a series offrustrations before completing a project.
something that frustrates,  as an unresolved problem.
a feeling of dissatisfaction, often accompanied by anxiety ordepression, resulting from unfulfilled needs or unresolved problems.


I have another definition.  Frustration, to me, means putting the final back stitches into a project, and then running out of your supah speshul and ovah priced thread when you have about 30 more stitches to do before the entire thing is done AND THEN realize the local craft store is OUT OF THAT THREAD.


Yep, I think I have the basic understanding of that word!

(to be fair to my wonderful and accommodating cross-stitch supply store, they are out of the thread because SOMEONE bought it all... naming no name's or anything...  covers mirrors in house....  *sigh*)
Some of my work to date.  I tend to not keep the majority of what I make, and I’ve only started taking photo’s of it. 

This stocking was for a good friend of mine. It is a Heaven and Earth Design.  Heaven and Earth designs are traditionally done one over one, so you either need very good eyes, or a hella good magnifying glass.  I think this took me about 7 months to complete.

As you can see in the second picture, I used this clever plastic floss to grid.  When working with a Heaven and Earth design, I cannot stress enough the need to grid. It will make your stitching life a whole lot easier.  I used a red plastic thread. It was a bit tricky to work with, but I’m convinced it did cut my work time by months.

I went on a Mirabilia/Lavender and Lace jag for YEARS.  This little beauty is one of the ones that actually made it to framing, and sits proudly on my bathroom wall.  She was the first cross-stitch that I ever did that required beading.  I was so excited by her that she took me just a little over a month to complete.

The Feather Fairy was an absolute delight to stitch. She was made for a good friend, who took the time and money to frame her beautifully.  She is in good hands!  Novice stitchers, don’t be afraid of Mirabilia or Lavender and Lace patterns. They look impressive, but they are relatively easy to do, as there are large patches of colors, so they are easy to complete.
I made this beautiful sun sometime in the 90's when Sun's were THE in-thing.  I had the moon pattern that I half completed before growing utterly bored with it.  Sadly, I lost both the moon cross-stitch and pattern during one of my many moves.

That's all for now. I'll post more pictures later.

~Rai Rai

Hello and welcome!

If you have stumbled across this page, first let me ask you if you are lost. If not, then I can safely assume that you are an avid stitcher, like me.

I have been cross-stitching since I was roughly 11 years old.  I spent a lot of time in hospitals as a kid, and stitching was something I could do from the comfort of my own bed, and something that both passed the time, and allowed me an outlet for creative energy.  It has stayed with me all these years, and now, here I am in my mid 40’s, and still going strong.

I intend to use this blog as a time-line for current projects. I hope to inspire novice stitchers to embrace their new hobby by offering support, advice, and a place where they too can showcase their works-in-progress. As well, I’d love this to be a place where the advanced stitchers are eager to show off their work.

Feel free to share your work here. Cross stitch, petty point, canvas work, all is welcome here.

I hope to see friends trickle in over the next few months. Come on in, grab a seat and bring your project.