Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Adrift Page 8 - the Mermaid Edition

We finally have a face!  And what a lovely face it is!

She's so serene as she floats in stormy seas, as if the more angry the storm is, the more content she is to just swim with the current and float away...

This page was arduous for me.  On one hand, I was super anxious to stitch her face and finally meet her, but on the other hand, the colors were driving me a little bit crazy. 

So I think this is a good time to switch over to the Winter Hat Owl and stitch a page of that.

Based on how long it has taken me to stitch her so far, with working on her exclusively, it's going to take me approximately 3 years to finish her, if I work on nothing else, and I'm sure by that time I will be quite mad. 

So I will put her aside and do a page of vivid colors, before returning to her.  But I will return.  I just have to resign myself that if I do a page of another pattern here and there, that it will take me 4 or more years to finish this. 

And strangely, I'm ok with that.

~Rai Rai

Here is the entire piece so far...
(as always, please excuse the wrinkles)

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Adrift, Page 7

Page 7 is done! I started it June 17th and finished it July 5th. This was a nice, easy page full of large blocks of color.   As you can see, the ocean has made her appearance.   I've noticed that taking a photo with an iPhone is a bit of a crap-shoot.   The colors on the top photo vs the colors on the bottom photo seem very different.   (And apologies for the wrinkles on the bottom photo.  I pulled and tugged as best as I could.  Not to mention the lighting this time of night is dreadful, but you do get the idea on what she looks like.

The next page is the mermaids face!  We finally get to see her, aside from a tiny bit of her hair, which was stitched on this page.

I will be working a lot over this month, and then away for the first part of August, so I'm not sure how much time I'm going to get to stitch.  I'm hoping I will have an update for you in August, but no promises.  But I can promise that the next photo will be a beauty!

~Rai Rai