Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Hello and welcome!

If you have stumbled across this page, first let me ask you if you are lost. If not, then I can safely assume that you are an avid stitcher, like me.

I have been cross-stitching since I was roughly 11 years old.  I spent a lot of time in hospitals as a kid, and stitching was something I could do from the comfort of my own bed, and something that both passed the time, and allowed me an outlet for creative energy.  It has stayed with me all these years, and now, here I am in my mid 40’s, and still going strong.

I intend to use this blog as a time-line for current projects. I hope to inspire novice stitchers to embrace their new hobby by offering support, advice, and a place where they too can showcase their works-in-progress. As well, I’d love this to be a place where the advanced stitchers are eager to show off their work.

Feel free to share your work here. Cross stitch, petty point, canvas work, all is welcome here.

I hope to see friends trickle in over the next few months. Come on in, grab a seat and bring your project.


  1. Hi Rai, Thank you for following my blog. I couldn't find a button to click to follow your blog too, but I added the link to the list on my side bar. Debbie

    1. I found the "follow" gadget! It only took me about 4 hours and several attempts to find it!

      Thank you SO MUCH for point it out that I was missing a "following" button. I owe you for that!

  2. Aww thanks! I'm really new to blogging so I have no idea anyone can follow my blog either. I'm sure it's some tiny little button somewhere that is surrounded by bigger buttons and ads.

    If I find out, I'll let you know!

    Thanks for adding me to your side bar!