Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Adrift, Page 21 is Complete

Started October 8 and finished Oct 26.  Lots of water and hair with just a peek-a-boo of the tail, so a quick stitch overall.   The next page will be nearly all tail.  It's surprising how much I look forward to working on that.
So this is page 21 complete. Would you believe I still have 15 more pages to do?  *wibbles*

I have all ready purchased my next project, that I anticipate starting some time in the new year, as there are only 5 more pages of the Owl left to do.  I anticipate I will be working on Adrift for the better part of another year - just enough time for me to start saving up for framing her!  After what will be a 3 year project, I will be sparing no expense on framing!

So, I was stitching with my usual group of girls on this past Sunday, and an elderly gentleman came into the store.  He must have spent a good 45 minutes in there, on the phone with his wife, picking up various things and explaining to her in detail what they were ask asking if she would like one.  He pulled threads, picked up various patterns, discussed in detail the difference between the benefits of Aida versus linen, and then spent the longest time of all at the accessories shelf, picking up various things.  He then exchanged a few cheeky barbs with the stitch-n-bitch ladies before he went on his way.  But he sparked a healthy debate on what makes a good man - to which we all heartily agreed he was one!   But just curious now, does your partner support your stitching addiction?  I'm lucky because my hubby doesn't bat an eye when I come home with a $300 frame I bought with my Christmas money, nor does he complain when I ask him to dart into the local stitching store in order to pick me up one colour I'm low on.  He's even been known to feign interest when express frustration on shipping costs when I find something I want.  In short, he's a good one.

Well, it's nearly Halloween, and it's a struggle keeping my kitty cats in.  One is all black and I do worry for him during this time of the year.  He's a darter when you open the door, he's out, so on Halloween night we oppress him by locking him in the bathroom while the kidlets come to the door.

                                                 (This is the face of the oppressed)

And on that note, I hear him scratching at the door.  I hope you all have a happy Halloween and happy stitching.

~Rai Rai

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Winter Hat Owl Page 11 is Complete

Started Sept 10 and finished Oct 7.  7315 stitches.  68% done!!

This is the last full page of owl.  The next is straight background, which should be an incredibly fast stitch, and then just partial owl and lots of background.  Just 9 more pages after this, and 4 of them partials, so really, just 5 more pages and I'm done.

The urge to just stitch on, now that the end is in sight is so, so strong, but I dutifully took him out of the Q-snaps and put him away, because I know if I don't pull out Adrift (who still has so much left on her to do) I will lost my mojo for her and not want to stitch her.  And that just simply cannot happen.

So here he is, two angry little eyes glaring out at you, complaining that his feet, once stitched, will be cold!

I'm so in love with this little guy, I can't adequately express it.  I just want to kiss his tiny little beak and do up his hat.

Next up, Adrift - this time with tail!   Stay tuned!

~ Rai Rai