Sunday, 25 November 2012

Mirabilia's and Lavender and Lace.

 It's times like these that I wish I'd taken photo's of all of the projects I've given away.  I'm missing "Summer" in the Celtic Seasons collection, as well I'm missing Noel, which I donated to a silent auction.  I'm also missing Fairy Idyll, Sleeping Beauty, and numerous Angels that I've done and given away.

The Celtic Winter was the first time I'd changed colors in a chart. I used Silver krenik rather than Gold, because I wanted her to have a frosty look.   I also changed the gold beads to blue and silver.  She's a lot prettier in real life. I don't feel this photo did her justice.

I want to learn how to frame properly so I can frame some of these myself and not pay $300 a pop.  Maybe I'll make it a 2013 goal of mine to learn to frame.

I am almost finished a Teresa Wentzler dragon. I was going to start a Heaven and Earth Christmas stocking, but I've decided to do an Afghan first, which shouldn't take me very long.   I've got so many patterns planned that I think I've got the next stitching year all planned out for me.

2013 is going to be busy, crafts wise, that's for sure!


  1. Beautiful finished pieces there. I'm working on Spring in the Celtic ladies and was hoping to have it finished by Spring so I could hang it up but there is no way I'm going to manage that. I know what you mean about framing, I think learning how to do it yourself is a fantastic idea. Good luck with it.

    1. Thank you!

      Have you been working on Spring for long? I loved doing the Celtic Seasons. My intention was to hang them during the season -hence the need to learn how to frame them myself. Framing is so ridiculously expensive that if I framed everything I made, I'd be in a constant state of poverty.

      Be sure to share Spring with us once she's completed!

    2. Spring actually stitches quite quickly when I have the time to work on it, which isn't very often. They are surprisingly easy to work on and I bead as I go so I don't have to do it at the end.

  2. Oh these are all so gorgeous! You are a fantastic stitcher and don't ever forget to take photos from now on! We want to see everything you stitch!

    1. Debbie, have I mentioned that you're good for my ego?

      I've got a couple of more pictures to upload and then that's it. I'll only be posting updates.

      I must post the reason why I was without camera for several years. It's a pretty funny story.

  3. Just beautiful!!! Mermaids, dragons... my favourites! Keep it up, looking forward to seeing more.

    1. Thanks, Astrid! I'm definitely attracted to the fantasy themes.
      Fairy's are a favorite of mine as well.

      What are yours?

  4. Hey there! Noticed you popped by my blog so I figure I'd do the same for yours :)

    I L.O.V.E Lavender and Lace designs. I'm working on Oh Christmas Tree right now... which is proving to be a challenge - I hate the tree lol.

    I also noticed that you're replying to some of the comments we little blogoholics have left you - for some reason we don't get notifications of having a reply to our comments!!! When I get a comment on my blog I just reply directly by email :) Just a helpful hint!

    Cannot wait to see more!