Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Winter Hat Owl, Page 12 is Complete

Started October 26 and finished November 3, this has got to be a new stitching record for me!
(Ok, technically it was a partial page, but it was 6270 stitches, so close to a full page.

Only 4 full pages and 4 partials to go and I will be done.

So I survived Halloween, and so did the cats.  Since the black one is a darter who will run out of the door whenever we open it, he had to be locked in the bathroom.  So we put him in there with food and his litter box and in protest he knocked all of the knickknacks off of the shelf and pooped in the tub.  And in 3 hours we got less than 20 kids.  I have a lot of candy left over. 

I loved hearing about how your other half supports/tolerates your hobby.  There are some good men out there! 

So I have another question for you.  What is your favorite stitching accessory/tool that you love?  It might not be something you use every day, but it's something that you can't do without? 

Mine would have to be the Snag Nab It!  What did I do without this item?   For those who don't know, its' a great little tool that is a needle with a fuzzy end that grabs those threads that are not laying nice and snug and pulls them through.  http://www.123stitch.com/item/Dritz-Snag-Nab-It/DRITZ-618
I don't use this often, but boy does it come in handy!

Anyone care to share their must have accessory?  I'd love to hear it!

I'm off to stitch Adrift.  It's almost all tail this page, so I won't be as fast, but I hope to have something to show off to you in a month or so!

Happy stitching!

~Rai Rai