Monday, 23 May 2016

Back to Adrift, Page 26 is Done!!!!!

Started April 23 and finished May 22.  7315 stitches.  *Shakes fist at work for putting a serious damper on my stitching time*

Apparently I told a wee fib when I said the next page would be mostly tail.   Oops, just the tiniest of peek-a-boo tail for this update, but a whole lot of water and bubbles!   Lets just take a moment to appreciate the bubbles, shall we?   Mmmmm.  Bubbles.

I must apologize for the quality of the photo, too.   I used to lay her out on my couch and smooth her down to take a photo, but with this addition, it no longer fits on the couch, with the good light, so I had to place her on the floor and try my best to smooth her out, which, as you can see, wasn't so successful.   I'll have to come up with another plan for the next update, because THAT, my kindreds, WILL be mostly tail.

I also want to share with you that I found a lovely carpenter who has agreed to make me a floss cabinet!  I'm so excited!  It's not as expensive as I was expecting a custom piece to be, but my biggest must have was to have a slot where I can slide my bobbins in to where they will stand without having to lean on the bobbin in front or behind.  I'm sure I'm not alone in the OCD department when I say that taking bobbins out of my box for a project and having the left overs fall over and end up out of order, drives me crazy.  This will eliminate that AND give me quick at-a-glance look at what bobbins are out for projects.
He's got a few projects that he's got to do first before starting on mine, but I will, of course pimp ... brag... er... share the finished piece with you all, along with the carpenters contact information, should any of you want to go the same route. 

I will post pictures as soon as I have this lovely in my grasp.