Friday, 6 December 2013

Rose of Sharon - Arbor and Flowers

This project is coming along nicely.  I decided to change the pink flowers to yellow. So far I'm delightfully over the moon with my changes.  I can't wait to start the dress and see how the colors look.

I find the vine and flowers to be arduously slow, and this is coming from someone who has just finished a Heaven and Earth design.  I think that once I get to the lady, then it will be a quick ride to the end, but man, oh man, it seems to be taking me forever to get the arbor done.

~Rai Rai

PS - Dragon stocking has been assembled and I pick it up tomorrow.  Pictures to follow!


  1. oh the flowers on the arch look lovely, great choice of color, cant wait to see the dress in blue :) to my left is my big bruiser cat..doing what cats do best! lol i'll join you as toast! Ha :)

    1. THANK YOU for replying to the Zombie apocalypse! I seriously had 20 people visit this page and not one of them joined in, so I took it down. It's only fun if others play.

      You are officially my favorite visitor! (Even if we will be toast, thanks to our feline cowards)

      How is your afghan coming along?

    2. hahaha we'll be toast together lol