Sunday, 17 November 2013

Another One Bites the Dust!

It's Saturday night at midnight and I just finished it!  I had to share immediately!

Come next weekend, I will go to the fabric store and pick out the loveliest dark red backing and a soft linen lining and take it to the talented Ms. Paige to be sewn into a stocking. I am absolutely over the moon that the recipient of this will have it for Christmas!  It was a fun/frustrating/challenging/time consuming ride, and I loved almost every minute of it!

Henrik Roar, I hope you like this and one day hand it down to your own son.

My magic cloth for my next project hasn't arrived yet, so I may do a Mirabilia in the mean time.  Rose of Sharon.  I'm thinking of doing her in red, although I might play with some colors and see if I can do her in purples, deep purples with red roses.   I'm going to the stitch'n'bitch tomorrow, so it will be a perfect time to play with colors.

Anyway, dear kindreds, I will post a final photo of this piece as soon as it is done.   Thanks for keeping me company while I created this work of art!
~Rai Rai   


  1. WELL DONE YOU :)) i've been following you doing this and now its done :) its a wonderful keepsake to be passed on and on!! aw Rose of Sharon, I have her in my stash drawer for like.... 7 years haha ONE DAY! lol
    Well done again Rai Rai, BIG thumbs up :)

    1. Thank you, Summer! And thanks for following my blog!

      Rose of Sharon is all kitted up and ready to start tonight. I'm changing her dress from yellow to periwinkle blue. I hope it works. I will, of course,post updates.

  2. Wow congratulations he is gorgeous. Can't wait to see it finished as a stocking. Beautiful work!
    Alicia xo

    1. Thanks, Alicia! I have bought the fabric for the back, it's a lovely burnt orange satiny-type fabric, with a gold rope for the edging.

      It gets dropped off at the sewers tomorrow. Yay!